Three new pieces

I brought three new pieces down to Abode today. It always feels good to freshen up the works down there. And thanks to a recent sale, their selection of my work was rather sparce.

I’m happy with all three of these. Sometimes you finish a painting, but your not 100 percent happy with it. Maybe it didn’t turn out like the vision you had in mind at the start, or maybe you wish you would have handled something different, but it’s not possible to go back and correct, so you call it done anyway.

Such is not the case with these. I was genuinely happy with the way they turned out.

“Spring has Sprung” oil 16X20

“Sheep and Thistles” oil 11X13

“Milkweed” oil 8X10

3 thoughts on “Three new pieces

  1. Okay, so I read your blog from top to bottom and am truly fascinated! 🙂 Signed up to received notifications when you post next so I’m excited to see what you have in store! Miss you and Sylv and “Liza Do” and can’t wait to see you next!

  2. hey, thanks Chris and conrats on being my first comment:)
    I guess I should post more than once every month or two. I have a reader!!!:) Good to hear from you and find out you guys had a blog too. Who knew?
    Look forward to seeing you and Mike again soon.

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