wooly bully

Well I’d say i’ve putzd on this one long enough and we’re going to call her done.

This is a Scottish Highland cattle. My buddy and I were driving around last summer and came across a picturesque farm with a few of these guys out in the pasture and we had to stop and see if we could get a closer look. The farmer was very gracious and gave us full opportunity to do some photography and study these interesting little guys. They are indeed little. I would judge them to be roughly half the size of your classic milk cow. They were actually pretty grumpy as well, which I got a kick out of. The farmer said at one point when one got close to the fence where I was standing, “Careful, he’ll hook ya.”

Anyway, I enjoyed doing this one, there’s a lot of character in that face, and there happened to be pretty nice lighting when we stopped that day. We’ll see if anybody is brave enough to put something like that on their wall:)