“First Hint of Color”

That’s the title of this one: “First Hint of Color” Here’s a video of the work I did in studio to finish this piece up. I actually touched it up a little after the video, so the pic at the bottom represents the finished piece.

I learned a few things on this one. This was the first piece I can remember that I used NO photography. And I noticed it. From a purist’s perspective I like the idea of no reference photos. It’s romantic to say this was all from life and from memory, but from an artistic standpoint I missed having photo reference. As happy  as I am with this one, and I am happy with it, I think it could have been stronger with the incorporation of some information I could have gleaned from a photo. Just little details and variety.

I’m also going to do something a little different with this one. I’m going to offer it for sale first here on my Etsy shop. So if you enjoyed watching the process and you’d like to purchase this piece, check it out. If it doesn’t sell there I will be approaching some galleries with it.

Thanks for stopping by and watching!

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