“picking apples” finished

I finished the painting of my daughter picking apples last week, so I thought I’d show the finished painting.

This was a fun one that came together very well. I was mainly interested in communicating the light, having a correct drawing, and having fun with thick paint and more abstract brushstrokes.

Here are a few detail shots showing the texture of the piece.

I’m consciously striving for a looser feel. It’s a higher plane of painting when everything is “correct” and reads well, but the technique appears to be effortless or, dare I say, even casual. Trust me, you can’t pull this off by painting casually. Thought and care needs to be put into each stroke so that as much as possible it’s correct when and where you put it. The end result is a painting that feels fresh, free, and interesting but still accurately communicates.

picking apples

Started a small piece featuring my daughter picking apples. I took some nice shots in the fall and it feels good to be getting going on this one. I’ve been having a lot of fun with technique too, painting more loose and thick. I’m probably a little over half done, and I’m very happy with it so far. Hopefully it will finish out nice.