March Melt off

I had the itch tonight. You know, the late winter, 60 degrees out, haven’t painted much lately itch… so I scratched it. I took the camera out with about half hour of daylight left and tried to get a shot to bring back and paint tonight. This was one of those times when I knew I was going to paint, I knew I was going to finish the piece in one sitting, and I knew it would come together alright. Just had a feeling. I was focused and really WANTED to paint. I just didn’t know what it would be yet. I got a few shots, committed to one, and then got to it. A few hours later I was signing a nice little painting. I call it “March Melt-Off” I let the video camera run the whole time, so here’s a video documenting the process. I had to skip a few parts because it got kinda long, but the footage represents it well.

We had a good snow last week, and with the warm temperatures lately the snow is melting very swiftly, so there’s a lot of standing water out in fields and yards and such. It was the reflection of the late evening sky in one of these melt puddles that caught my eye on this one.

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