The Musician

Wow. Seriously? I haven’t blogged since May?

Well then… this had better be good 🙂

This past Fall I attended my wife’s grandfather’s birthday party, and since he’s at the age where every year is a milestone, a whole gob of us friends and family travelled the couple hours up nort and cranked up the sloppy joes, fruit salad and potato chips. Oh and there was cake too:) It was a grand old time even if it wasn’t my side of the family and more faces were unfamiliar than not.

One of the highlights for me, was a charactered old gentleman who was a friend of grandpa’s and a musician. He came and played his trumpet with a small CD player as his back-up band. He played classic old timey love songs and dance tunes from a by-gone era. I truly enjoyed watching him play, and even tho I would guess him to be at least in his 80’s, his arthritic fingers still could manage quite well. I could tell music was his lifelong love, and that he was never more at home than in just such a situation – playing and singing for a group of friends.

I took plenty of pictures and even some video just to remember the occasion, and looking back, I was very glad to have made a point to capture this charactered old musician with the camera.

So, fast-forward to a week or so ago. I hadn’t painted for a while, and was waiting for some subject matter to prod me to flip the cover off the pallette and squeeze out some pigment.

I kept coming back to the photos and memories of this old guy and his trumpet, and decided to give it a whirl. So here he is. “The Musician”



I had a lot of fun playing with some textures and sunlit colors on this one, and I think it’s an effective little piece.