So I started this painting literally about ten years ago. It was a strong idea, and I put a lot of time into it, but I got stuck. So it’s been sitting in my storage room in my basement all this time. I would see it quite often, and knew someday I would have to revisit it.  I had too much invested in it to scrap it, but somehow didn’t feel like I had any answers or direction. This is how it’s looked for the past 10 years. (click on pics for larger views)


But the other day I had just finished another piece and for some reason felt compelled to grab that old canvas after the ten year hiatus and see if a fresh crack at it would go anywhere. Who knows maybe I had learned some things that would enable some progress.

So after a week or so, here’s a phone pic of where we are now. I warmed it up quite a bit. Loosened it up quite a bit. Revisited the anatomy, and did some general editing.


I won’t say that it’s completely done, but I’ve reached a point now where I know I will finish it.  Not that it’s a masterpiece, but I like it, and after 10 years, some closure is a good thing.


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