This past summer I visited the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary up in northern MN near the town of Orr. (Thanks to the recommendation of a fellow artist Jeff Hoff) It’s a unique place where wild bears can be viewed from an elevated deck as they come in and are fed below. I was up there for just a few hours that evening as kind of as a scouting trip to see if there would be serious photography opportunities there in the future. I took a few hundred photos and was pleasantly surprised and the number of bears that came in that night. At any given time there were probably a dozen or so will black bears below in a 2-3 acre area. Anyway, so I finally got around to trying a little bear painting. I’ll probably touch this one a few more times, but I think it’s mostly there.


Just putting the finishing touches on this one. It’s larger than I’ve worked in a while. I was driving around last Fall and saw this scene right near home. I liked the stark, graphic shape of the plowed field and the warm light of the evening sun on the distance. What intrigued me with this one was trying to capture the lighting on the background vs the foreground with temperature contrast rather than value contrast.

"Fall Plowing" 36 x 36

“Fall Plowing” 36 x 36