I’ve finally gotten some free time to finish up this farm landscape. It’s the fruit of a drive down in my favorite part of WI about a month ago. The hills and valleys in this area are quintessential painting material for me. Large hills that recede in the atmospheric distance frame fertile valleys that support some of the most successful farming in the county. I enjoy the houses. Even tho the glory days of the family farm are behind us, some of the huge classic farm houses are evidence that at one time this was more than subsistence living. I like the thought of that. Farming on a small scale being a profitable thing. Anyway, I had a great time driving around trying to capture that classic farm scene.

This painting is of one of the more subdued homesteads. But I like the yellow house against the cool distant hills as well as the way the buildings flowed in the composition. The large white pines on the right provide a large dark region of interest to balance the buildings, and I like the bottom half of the canvas being basically empty.

This is Wisconsin to me. Quit, cold, subdued, unadorned, beautiful.

I had a great time pushing color on this one. I went in with a “Russian” frame of mind and am happy with the technique although it still seems more polished than it could be.


I like these winter scenes, the stark snow, the grays and browns. It’s comfortable to paint in this palette somehow. We’re heading into Spring now, and it might be a while before I swing back to tackle on of these Winter jewels, but, than again, maybe Spring can wait a little bit.