Haven’t blogged in a while. Haven’t painted in a while. At least not of subjects of my choosing.


I was over at a friends farm last week and purposely brought the camera and committed myself to taking shots of whatever I saw, and then committed myself to doing a painting of something from those shots. The light was nice. Didn’t get anything that thrilled my soul to its depths, but it was more about making something work.  I needed to paint something.  And I wanted it to be something from my world right now, not from the photo archives.

I got a nice series of some cows in the pasture. The light was streaking across and I became interested in capturing that effect.

So the end result is nothing earth-shattering, just an effective little piece that for me is the equivalent of soul food. Not fancy or highbrow, probably won’t win any awards, just simple, flavorful, and satisfying.



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