Remembering Mrs. Underbakke

Back in October a dear family friend passed away at the age of 91. She was like a grandmother to me long after both my grandmothers were gone. She was an educator, an English teacher, and she spoke with impeccable English even in casual situations, but it wasn’t at all pretentious. Nothing about her was. She was a gracious, godly woman of sincere faith. She was the kind of person who would cook up her last batch of oatmeal and brew her last pot of coffee for you if you visited and be glad to do it. She was a true joy, had a contagious laugh, and saw the good in people.

When she passed, I remembered a photo I took of her in her Iowa-farmhouse kitchen years ago. She was busy preparing breakfast for us her guests. The morning light caught my eye and I secretly snapped the picture. I found that photo these years later and fashioned a painting from it.

This is how I remember Mrs Underbakke, modestly serving, giving what she had. She was quite an example of a lady.


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