Plein Air!

I did a quick plein air sketch last night for the first time in a very long time, like…years.

I’m not sure why it’s been so long. I guess because these little studies are, for me, actually quite difficult and it’s very easy to “miss” when trying one. For instance on this one, if you watch the above video you’ll see the light changing constantly – sun in and out of the clouds, which not only affects how one sees the painting as one works, but also means the subject changes wildly from moment to moment. What you may not see is the rather blustery breeze at my back that at times made it difficult to hold the brush steady for a focused stroke. Also it was cold. My little artsy fingers were freezing:) I know I know, do I want some cheese with my whine?

I say all that to say – oil painting can be difficult and frustrating enough on its own, so throw in all these circus factors and a limited time constraint, and I guess that’s why I have the ultimate respect for painters who do this outside stuff well, and why I haven’t mustered up the gumption in a while to give it a go. But I’m gonna try to do more. They are great exercise, and a deeper experience than sitting in a studio. When I look at this little painting I’ll always remember my cold fingers and hear the geese honking in the field behind me.

ALSO: Keep your your eyes open for a fun little surprise at 5:50:)

Etsy shop open!

I’ve reopened my shop recently. The paintings were starting to pile up around here. So if you’ve ever been interested in owning an original, this is a great way to acquire one – buy direct:) The paintings in the shop range from fresh-of-the-easel, including some that have never been shown, to some vintage work that’s just been hanging out waiting for the right buyer like a puppy in a pet shop. There’s some great deals. So check it out by clicking the “shop” link in the menu above, or right here.

Munchkin Portrait

Putting then last few touches on a portrait of my youngest. I have done a few of the older two and people had begun to ask what I had against the youngest that I hadn’t painted her yet. Of course I was just waiting for the right moment to capture. I was walking by the kitchen one morning as she was eating her cereal and the light hit me, so I snapped a few pics while she wasn’t looking.

I call this one “Cheerios.” I’m hoping to enter it in the Image art show in Braham next month.


Subtle beauty

I’ve been trying to photograph pheasants at my neighbors. And of course when you think of pheasants, the rooster is the king with his gaudy plumage with its broad spectrum and iridescence. For the first few days however all I saw was hens. They are “plainer” than the males, as are the females of most species of bird, but what a graceful form, and beautiful subtle pattern of warms and grays against the stark snow.

I eventually was able to click the shutter on a few roosters, but I kept coming back to the initial hen images. I love the understated simplicity, and the subtlety of these hens, I’m a good ways into this piece, still have a ways to go to do her justice tho. I’m enjoying trying to capture that balance of plainness and undeniable beauty. I will post a closeup of the finished image when done.