Just putting the finishing touches on this one. It’s larger than I’ve worked in a while. I was driving around last Fall and saw this scene right near home. I liked the stark, graphic shape of the plowed field and the warm light of the evening sun on the distance. What intrigued me with this one was trying to capture the lighting on the background vs the foreground with temperature contrast rather than value contrast.

"Fall Plowing" 36 x 36

“Fall Plowing” 36 x 36


Putting the finishing touches on this little fox piece. Quite the amazing ability to hear a mouse beneath a foot of snow and be able to pinpoint the location exactly enough go in after the little rodent. Just another example of something in creation that’s perfectly designed to do what it does.


Never been to Alaska. Definitely on the bucket list tho.

Continuing with the wildlife work – decided to research and do a bear. Never painted one before, but I love the way they move and the attitude they exude. Factor in some spectacular landscapes where these bruisers live and, well, hopefully a Minnesota boy who’s never been up there can do it some justice.