A boy scout, I ain’t

“Always be prepared”? That’s a good motto. Unfortunately, when I got to my plein air ┬ásite tonight with about 45 minutes of light left, I realized I forgot my turpentine. Not a deal breaker as far as painting something, but as painters can attest, it does put a cramp in ones style to paint “fat over fat.” But I pressed on and made the best of it.

I’ve been trying to commit to paint more from life or “plein air.” It’s said by most artists that this is the key to growth and true mastery. That’s probably true. But I’m an analytical, technical person, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I’m supposed to be gleaning from these experiences besides the practice of pulling off a worthy painting with limited time and with challenging variables. Oh well, I’m committed to making it more of a habit.

I painted a 9×12 on Saturday night. The light was very gray and drab, but I was satisfied with the painting.

Tonight, a smaller 6×8. It was sunny, but I arrived later than I would’ve preferred, and with no turpentine. Nevertheless, I finished, and learned.

Here they are. I present these not as an example of exemplary work, rather as simple documentation of the progress I hope to show. So this is the “before.”